Tim McGrath – Part 3 – Nordic Dosage & Return-to-Running

break angle hamstring injury hamstring rehab max speed minimal effective dose nordic nordic hamstring research return to running return to running criteria time under tension Apr 30, 2024


Episode 101: In this Research Unpacked episode Alistair McKenzie chats to Tim McGrath for a Part-3 conversation on Hamstring rehab. Tim is an Australian Sports Physio based in Canberra, with over 15 years experience in professional sport and 20 in clinical practice. He completed his PhD from the Research Institute of Sport & Exercise at the University of Canberra on ACL rehabilitation and return to sport in 2016 and is the clinical & research director of Pitch Ready which focuses on blending clinical insights with data science, squad-based injury prevention and return to sport testing following lower limb injury. In this episode Alistair and Tim hamstring training, nordics and return-to-running. 

Topics discussed: 

  • Nordic Hamstring curls 
  • High speed running exposure
  • Time under Tension vs Break angle
  • Minimal Dose
  • Prioritising strength or speed
  • Returning to running following a hamstring injury


McGrath, T. M., Hulin, B. T., Pickworth, N., Clarke, A., & Timmins, R. G. (2020). Determinants of hamstring fascicle length in professional rugby league athletes. Journal of science and medicine in sport23(5), 524–528. 


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