Jonas Dodoo – Coaching Return-to-Running (Head Coach & Founder Speedworks Training)

1080 sprint achilles rehab coaching eye max speed return to running return to running criteria running running mechanics speed development sprint competencies Apr 30, 2024

Episode 132: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Jonas Dodoo the Head Coach & Founder Speedworks Training. Jonas developed as a coach through his passion for speed and power and was lucky enough to be under the tutelage of Master Coach Dan Pfaff for four years. Jonas has worked with many elite performers across a range of sports but with his main successors and main role within Track and Field. Jonas currently has an Elite Group of Sprinters based out of the National Institute at Loughborough and he is also currently Consulting at Premiership and Championship Football and Rugby clubs working with their staff and first team players. This conversation between Andy & Jonas focusses on what and how Jonas coaches return-to-running for high speed athletes.

Topics Discussed

  • Early Sprint Training Post Injury
  • Technical Sprint Competencies
  • What is Projection, Switching & Reactivity
  • Develop a Coaching-Eye for Speed

Where you can find Jonas: