Mike Tucker (Head Athletic Performance Coach Villanova University Football)

college football kinogram ncaa speed training sprintember sprinting strength and conditioning Apr 28, 2024


Episode 47: Andy McDonald chats to Mike Tucker the Head Athletic Performance Coach at Villanova University Football. Mike has previously enjoyed S&C roles at San Jose State University, Clemson University, Kuztown University and North Dakota State University. This episode focusses on Mike’s program and problem solving through Covid, Speed Development and ‘Sprintember’ a program both him and Ken Clarke have released to support coach development through September 2020. 

In this episode Andy and Mike discuss:

  • Mikes background in collegiate sport 
  • College Football situation during Covid-19
    • Being better generalists
  • The physical preparation at Villanova Football
  • Wishlist’s 
  • Coaching level entering collegiate sport 
  • Speed training kinogram
  • Sprintember 

Where you can find Mike: