Mike Friday (USA Rugby Mens 7’s Head Coach)

coach development coaching lessons culture leadership rugby rugby 7's Apr 28, 2024


Episode 54: Andy McDonald chats to Mike Friday USA Rugby Mens 7’s Head Coach. Mike began his sporting career as a player transitioning from the amateur rugby years into the professional era, before becoming renowned as a coach. He has enjoyed multiple coaching roles across the UK, Kenya and more recently USA. In this episode with Mike we will discuss his journey from player to coach and pick out some of the key lessons he has learnt along the way. 

In this episode Andy and Mike discuss:

  • Mike’s playing career 
  • Athlete retirement transitions
  • Effects of Covid on Rugby 
  • Current state of World Rugby 7’s
  • Mike’s coaching background
  • Role at USA Rugby Sevens 
  • Working for Kenyan 7’s
  • Lessons learnt coaching in different cultures
  • Sharing medical information with coaches

Where you can find Mike: