Garrison Draper (Director of Performance for Philadelphia Union MLS)

mls monitoring player recovery sport science wellness wellness data Apr 28, 2024


Episode 43: Andy McDonald chats to Garrison Draper the Director of Performance at Philadelphia Union MLS Team. Garrison is a Sport Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach with a wealth of knowledge ad experience working within the MLS enjoying previous spells at Chicago Fire and Seattle Sounders. On todays show we’ll be discussing environmental stresses including altitude, weather, the effects of travel and player wellness. Alongside his role at Philadelphia Union Garrison is completing a PHD in Sports Science at Teeside University in the UK. 

In this episode Andy and Garrison discuss: 

  • Garrison’s background
  • Staffing structure at the Union 
  • Points on the road in the MLS
  • Game Difficulty Scale
  • MLS blind spots data/ performance insights 
  • Garrisons PHD: Utilising different data types to guide training
    • Environmental impacts on athletes 
  •  Wellness Data

Where you can find Garrison: