Dr Meeta Singh MD (Sleep Medicine Specialist & Service Chief / Section Head at Henry Ford Sleep Disorder Clinic)

jet lag jump performance recovery sleep sleep hygiene wearable technology Apr 28, 2024


Episode 30: Andy McDonald chats to Dr Meeta Singh. Dr Meeta Singh is a sleep doctor whose work and research focuses on “Coaching the sleep muscle” to help maximize performance in both individual athletes and sports teams. She is the Service chief of the sleep medicine, and section head and medical director at the Henry Fordsleep laboratory in Michigan. Dr Singh is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology as a psychiatrist and sleep medicine sub-specialist. She has served as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA teams. She has also worked with college sports teams. As part of this service, Dr. Singh performs athletic sleep assessments with personalized prescriptions for better sleep. She also helps sports teams and athletes with their travel management with a focus on addressing sleep deprivation and jet lag and maximizing athletic performance. Her passion is lecturing and educating teams and athletes about the benefits of sleep on performance.

In this episode Andy and Dr Meeta Singh discuss:

  • Her background 
  • Sleep requirement, deficit & dose response 
  • Sleep Diaries 
  • Wearable Technology
  • Educating and implementing sleep strategies 
  • Orthosomnia 
  • Sleep Environment
  • Jet lag
  • Crossing time zones 
  • Relationship between sleep and Injury risk 
  • Sleep and Recovery from injury
  • Can you get too much sleep?
  • Napping 
  • Uncoupled sleep and circadian rhythm
  • Backroom staff sleep considerations

Where you can find Dr Meeta Singh: