Dave Hancock – Art v Science of Using Data to Improve Performance (CEO of Apollo)

physiotherapy rehab data screening sport science Apr 30, 2024


Episode 114: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Dave Hancock a Physiotherapist (PT), Strength and Conditioning Coach, Performance Director, Atherapy Clinics Founder and the CEO of Apollo. Dave’s career has taken him to be the Head Physiotherapist of Leeds United Football Club, Chelsea Football Club and the Performance Director of the New York Knicks Basketball Team. He has also attended the 2010 Soccer World Cup and the 2012 European Finals. Working for the English Senior Men’s National soccer team for five years. In more recent years Dave’s focus has been as the CEO of Apollo, a sport software company. 

Topics Discussed

  • Blind screening an athlete 
  • Current use of data in teams
  • Does your data impact competitive success
  • Prioritising meaningful tests and data 

Where you can find Dave