Cici Murray – Technical v Physical Qualities in Sprinters (Spellman Performance Coach & More Her Speed Founder)

40 yard dash max speed nfl nfl combine resisted sprints women in sport Apr 30, 2024


Episode 118: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Speed Coach Cici Murray. Cici has worked with hundreds of athletes including some of the top NFL, Olympic, and MLB athletes as a speed performance and recovery specialist over the last 3 years. She has recently trained nearly half of the projected NFL Draft 1st-round picks for the combine. Cici currently works at Spellman Performance and also runs a newsletter and resource for female coaches called “More Her Speed”. 

Topics Discussed

  • Expectations v reality working as a female coach
  • Assessing technical & physical qualities in sprinters
  • Use of technology in speed training
  • Relationship building with young athletes

Where you can find Cici