Chris Tombs – Velocity Based Training (Seattle Seawolves Performance Lead / S&C Coach and Educator)

fatigue monitoring readiness rugby strength and conditioning vbt velocity based training Apr 28, 2024


Episode 59: Andy McDonald chats to Strength & Conditioning Coach and educator Chris Tombs. Chris’s expertise lies in both rugby and cricket where he has worked in Elite sport for the last 16 years. He is best known for the physical development of some of Welsh rugby’s highest profile current players. Since we last spoke Chris has been the performance lead for Seattle Seawolves rugby in the MLR and has found Pegasus 85 an in-person coach education provider. We had Chris on the show in December 2019 for episode 9 to discuss VBT and this episode will progress that conversation. 

In this episode Andy McDonald and Chris Tombs discuss: 

  • Chris’s background 
  • Pegasus85 Education & face-to-face education
  • 25 years in 250 words 
  • Camera based VBT systems
  • Continuous athlete monitoring 
  • VBT verses percentage based training
  • VBT and managing fatigue 
  • When to monitor velocity in a session

Where you can find Chris: