Alan Hazlett (British Olympic Association Physiotherapist – Intensive Rehab Unit)

communication evidence based practise rehab planning rtp Apr 28, 2024


Episode 40: Andy McDonald chats to Physiotherapist Alan Hazlett. Alan works at the British Olympic Intensive Rehabilitation Unit. Alan functions as a part of the English Institute of Sport , BOA and UK athletics. He has previously enjoyed roles at the English RFU, Reading Football Club and Sport Wales. This episode will focus primarily on how the Intensive Rehabilitation Unit functions to support elite athletes during injury followed by with some educational content from Vald Performance on Dynamic Strength Index.

In this episode Andy & Alan discuss:

  • Alan’s background
  • The British Intensive Rehabilitation Unit
      • Communication
      • Patient journey
  • Evidence Based Practise
  • Art v Science

Vald Performance Education Feature:

  • Dynamic Strength Index

Where you can find Alan: