Tim Gabbett (High Performance Consultant)

Apr 27, 2024


Episode: 4 I talk to Tim Gabbett a Performance Consultant with over 20 years of experience working as an applied Sport Scientist with elite athletes, coaches and teams around the world. In this episode we discuss both the art and science of workload monitoring, the acute chronic workload ratio and Tims wider perspective on being effective in a performance environment.

In this Episode with Tim we discuss

  • Tims Background and Gabbett Solutions
  • How does Tim support high performance organisations
  • What aspects of performance does Tim advise organisations with
  • To monitor or not to monitor, what and why
  • The common mistakes that people make when collecting data
  • Principles of Acute Chronic Workload Ratio
  • Time frames for the Acute Chronic Workload Ratio
  • What are internal / external loads and how do you communicate between them
  • How do upper limb loads vary in contrast to lower limb loads.
  • What to do in ‘blackholes’ where we lose contact time with athletes for windows of time.
  • Best examples managing workloads in sport
  • What would Tim do if he was managing a performance department, How would his team use data to inform training programs and injury risk minimisation.
  • Technology verses communication and player relationships
  • Who has the biggest influence on Tims work now
  • Tims Workload Courses