Rich Willy - Bone Stress Injury Rehab (Montana Running Lab’s Scientist & Educator)

bone stress injuries bone stress injury basketball bone stress injury diagnosis bone stress injury nba bone stress injury rehab inform performance May 06, 2024

Episode 145: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Rich Willy from Montana Running Lab. Rich is an internationally known speaker on the treatment of running-related injuries who has more than 20 years’ experience as a PT. His expertise is in treating runners of all ages and ability levels, including professional and elite runners. Rich’s research aims to develop clinically effective treatments for common running-related injuries, such as patellofemoral pain, Achilles tendon injuries, and bone stress injuries. In this episode Rich and Andy discuss how Rich manages and rehabs LE bone stress injuries. 


Topics Discussed 


  • Bone Stress Injury detection
  • Rehab progressions
  • Signs of rehab success
  • BSI loading according to structure


Where you can find Rich: