Research Unpacked: 2022 Bern Consensus Statement – Part 1 (Ben Ashworth, Ariane Schwank & Paul Blazey)

athletic shoulder pain pathoanatomic psychology rpe shoulder consensus paper shoulder screening Apr 30, 2024


Episode 109: In this Research Unpacked episode Ben Ashworth chats to Physiotherapists Ariane Schwank & Paul Blazey who contributed on the 2022 Bern Consensus Statement on Shoulder Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Return to Sport for Athletes at All Participation Levels. This episode covers a lot of content and will therefore have a part-2 to follow this first conversation. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • Advise for writing articles 
  • Shoulder Consensus Paper
  • Screening or monitoring for shoulders?
  • Shoulder specific RPE? 
  • Should pathoanatomic diagnosis drive rehab?
  • Does pain equal an injury? 
  • Where does psychology fit into injury management 

Papers Discussed in Part-One:

Where you can find Ariane:

Where you can find Paul: