Rachel Balkovec (Research & Development Fellow at Driveline Baseball)

baseball driveline pitching visual training women in sport Apr 27, 2024


In this Episode I chat to Rachel Balkovec from Driveline Baseball who has worked in pro baseball for 7 years as an S&C coach. Rachel has worked for the Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Whitesox, LSU, ASU and EXOS! We discuss her research on gaze tracking, lower limb biomechanics, working globally and her plans to become a GM

What we discuss:

  • Her background in Strength & Conditioning
  • Gaze Tracking
  • Biomechanics in baseball
  • Leaving the field of Strength & Conditioning
  • Her passion for leadership and organisational behaviour
  • Her plans to become a GM in Major League Baseball
  • Travelling and pursuing roles around the world, changing towns.
  • The Virtual Handshake Academy