Philipp Jacobsen – Dealing With Backroom Pressure & Taking Care Of Athletes (Physiotherapist & Performance Consultant)

director of performance leadership pressure stress workflow Apr 30, 2024


Episode 105: Ben Ashworth chats to Philipp Jacobsen a Physiotherapist and Performance Consultant. Philipp is has an extensive background in sport with previous roles in Physiotherapy and Performance Management  at Liverpool Football Club, Aspetar, Portsmouth FC, Panathinaikos FC and Eden Reha. This easy listening episode explores Philipps journey through professional sport with Ben and Philipp exchanging experiences. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • Phil’s background working in Greece, Aspetar and the EPL 
  • Working with external practitioners
  • Play or not play pressure
  • Functioning as a ‘caretaker’
  • Who should be a Director of Performance
  • Workflow of a typical day in professional football

Where you can find Philipp: