Pete McKnight (Hintsa Performance Director of Coaching and Sports Science)

goal goal setting leadership skills program development Apr 28, 2024



Episode 26: Andy McDonald catches up with Pete McKnight the Hintsa Performance Director of Coaching & Sports Science. Pete has also been a Strength & Conditioning Coach in elite sport and human performance for almost two decades, working across multiple organisations including the French Ski Federation, Leicester CCC, England & Wales Cricket, UK Athletics, The English Institute of Sport and he was previously Chairman of the Board of Directors for the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA).

In this conversation Andy & Pete discuss:

  • His current role at Hintsa 
  • The skills, qualities and lessons Pete carried forward in the journey director.
    • Stability at home
    • Goal setting 
    • Skills: leadership, communication, building a team, systems, program development
  • What Pete learnt from being at the English Institute of Sport MDT environment 
  • Preparedness to lead a discipline / department 
  • Preparedness to progress to Director / Head of Dept 
  • Challenges he faces and strategies he deploys
  • Advising yourself in hindsight
  • People that have Inspired him 
  • Books and resources
  • Changing jobs, accepting and turning down offers

Were you can find Pete