Nick Cross – Achilles Tendinopathy

achilles achilles injury achilles management research unpacked tissue compression Apr 30, 2024


Episode 103: In this Research Unpacked episode Alistair McKenzie chats to Nick Cross. Nick is an Australian sports physiotherapist and exercise physiologist based in Melbourne. Nick has worked in high performance sport across different football codes, athletics and ballet. His key clinical interest is lower limb injuries and rehabilitation that supports optimal performance. Nick is currently undergoing a global research project with la Trobe University to understand how clinicians who work in sport diagnose achilles tendinopathy and in todays episode, Nick shares his clinical insights into his practice. If you are a sports or musculoskeletal physiotherapist you can help by contributing to this global research project. All that is required is to compete a 10-minute survey with the link below. 

Topics discussed:

  • Defining AT
  • Key subjective indicators relating to the diagnosis of AT
  • The role of the peritendon in AT
  • The role of tissue compression in assessment 
  • Auscultation 
  • Progressive loading for AT.

Survey link for research

Where you can find Chris: