Michael Giakoumis (Physio & Medical Lead for the British Athletics Futures Program)

athletics hamstring injuries muscle injury muscle injury management muscle injury rehab quad injuries Apr 28, 2024


Episode 78: Andy McDonald chats to Michael Giakoumis a Physiotherapist & the Medical Lead for the British Athletics Futures Program. Michael is an Australian trained but London based Sports Physiotherapist who specialises in hip, groin, and lower limb muscle injuries. He currently works at British Athletics and the Centre for Health & Human Performance (CHHP). In this episode Andy and Michael will be discussing muscle injuries.

Topics discussed:

  • Why are muscle injuries a problem?
  • Why do muscle injuries occur? 
  • British Athletic Muscle Injury Classification 
  • Principles of rehabilitating muscle injuries 
  • Using a framework to guide muscle injury rehabilitation 

Where you can find Michael: