Les Spellman (Speed Specialist & Consultant for NFL, Olympic, Collegiate, and youth athletes)

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Episode 8: I chat with Les Spellman the Owner of Spellman Performance. Les is a speed Specialist & Consultant for the NFL, Olympic, Collegiate, and youth athletes. We discuss his inspiring background, philosophy on speed training, working with pro football players, his Spellman Performance app, the S3 Diagnostic Test and more. 


On this episode with Les we discuss

  • His background through injury to beginning as an athlete.
  • His progression as a D1 track runner at Temple University.
  • Early appreciations for running technique and biomechanics efficiency
  • Working as janitor to get his foot in the door coaching. Increasing responsibilities stage by stage and making the most of small opportunities.
  • Moving to California and training people for free to gain experience
  • Making the most of all coaching opportunities
  • What is Spellman Performance
  • Value of the youth athletes he works with playing multi-sports
  • Philosophies for developing speed in athletes
  • Getting buy-in from breaking down movement patterns to improve overall performance.
  • The value of working on acceleration rather than top end speed in field sport athletes
  • Key performance indicators for field sport speed
  • How Spellman Performance supports athlete development besides speed work
  • Use of conjugate systems to balance strength, speed and other components of training.
  • How do athletes find Spellman Performance or get their referral to their services
  • Where Les turns for his development:
  • Spellman Performance App
  • Giving back to the community
  • Spellman Performance Camp & S3 Diagnostic Score 

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