Judd Kalkhoven – Modeling for Proactive Injury Management (Associate Lecturer at WSU)

diagnostic imaging injury modeling load management load metrics load monitoring research unpacked Apr 30, 2024


In this Research Unpacked Episode from Inform Performance, Dr Dylan Carmody chats to Judd Kalkhoven an Associate Lecturer at Western Sydney University. Judd has recently completed his PhD with a thesis focused on the complexities of the muscle-tendon unit and athletic injury. In his current research he is seeking to determine the optimal muscle-tendon architectural and mechanical characteristics for elite athletes depending on their specific sporting demands. In addition, he has a keen interest in understanding injury causation and will produce further academic papers in this area.

Topics Discussed

  • What is Injury Modeling
  • Limitations of relying on cumulative load metrics
  • Tissue Specific Injury Susceptibility
  • Estimating load induced damage to tissues
  • Using Imaging to gauge tissue health

Where you can find Judd: