Jesse Wright – Soft skill development (High Performance Consultant, Founder of the Balance The Bar Initiative & Author)

communication intercultural sensitivity multiplayer communication model soft skills Apr 28, 2024


Episode 90: Andy McDonald chats to Jesse K. Wright, founder of the Balance The Bar initiative, is a  high performance consultant, Amazon best-selling author, coach, and public speaker. His career has spanned over two decades in the team sport culture, including working with organizations in the NBA, NFL, NCAA, and in private sports training. Jesse has recently published a book The Intent Is To Grow – A fictional tale about a young coach embarking on a strength and conditioning career. This book forms the line of questions and conversation for this episode focussed on soft skill development. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • The intent is to grow book
  • Soft skill requirements in elite sport 
  • Multiplayer communication model
  • Identifying personal soft skill needs 
  • Intercultural sensitivity

Where you can find Jesse: