Filippo Picinini - Quantifying Workload in On-Field Rehab after ACL Reconstruction

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Episode 148: In this Research Unpacked Episode from Inform Performance, Alistair McKenzie chats to Filippo Picinini MSc, MS. Filippo is a Rehab and Performance coach Currently employed as Head of late-stage rehabilitation and Sport science at Isokinetic Medical Group London. His areas of expertise are ACL and Hamstring injuries in football players and he is completing a part-time PhD in workload management and RTP in football players recovering from long-term injuries with St Mary’s University, Twickenham. In this conversation, Ally interviews Filippo Picinini about his research on workload quantification during on-field rehab with football players after ACL reconstruction.


Topics Discussed 

  • Objective on-field rehab
  • The Importance of Deceleration Workload in ACL Rehab
  • Challenges of replicating high-intensity deceleration in rehab
  • Quantifying Workload in On-Field Rehab after ACL Reconstruction



  • Understanding the landscape of on-field rehab from a quantitative point of view is crucial for effective workload management.
  • Professional footballers are able to progress workload faster during on-field rehab compared to amateur footballers.
  • Deceleration workload is a key metric to consider in ACL rehab, as players often struggle to restore high-intensity deceleration.
  • Giving players more time for physical preparation before transitioning them back to the pitch can lead to better outcomes in rehab.
  • The amount of workload completed on the pitch is correlated with the likelihood of return to football, especially in amateur players.


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