Erik Meira – Scientific Principles in Elite Sports Rehab (Sports Medicine Consultant & Educator)

achilles rehab causal models machine learning rehab frameworks science scientific practise Apr 30, 2024


Episode 139: Dr Dylan Carmody chats to Erik Meira. Erik discusses his background in physical therapy and his approach to rehab and sports medicine. He emphasises the importance of applying scientific principles to practice and the need for critical thinking and generating alternative hypotheses. He highlights the importance of collaboration between different professions in the field of rehabilitation and the need to focus on objective outcomes and force production. Erik also provides insights on practicing in a more scientific manner in elite settings, emphasising the focus on building capacities rather than recreating specific tasks.

Topics Discussed

  • Bringing Science to Practice
  • Causal Models and Hypotheses
  • Machine Learning and Rehab
  • Practicing Scientifically in Elite Settings