Dr Luke Hughes (Blood Flow Restriction Expert & Post-doc’ research fellow at St Marys University)

bfr bfr rehab blood flow restriction Apr 27, 2024


Episode 5: I chat with Dr Luke Hughes a post-doctoral research fellow in applied physiology at St Marys university. Luke is an expert in Blood Flow Restriction training (BFR) and in this episode Luke provides a highly educational master class in all things BFR. Get your pen and paper ready!

In this episode with Luke we discuss:

  • Lukes Background
  • How he got interested or involved with using BFR
  • The origins of BFR
  • What is BFR & how does it work
  • Can you combine mechanical stress and BFR related stress in the same session.
  • What features should people look for when selecting a BFR system
        • Why Dopplers are vital for regulating occlusion in real time
  • What are the safety concerns to be considered prior to implementing BFR
        • Screening for risk factors
  • Can any clinician or coach with adequate reading apply BFR without specialist training or certifications?
  • What is the guideline dosage prescribed (Pressure, Load, Reps and Sets)
  • Can you transition from low load and high pressure to higher loads with lower loads
  • How frequently can you apply BFR in a program
  • Mixing BFR and Mechanical Load training within the same training microcycle
  • Injury example of when BFR is particularly a must use tool – ACL
      • Applying BFR in a passive cyclic manner surging acute recovery
      • Combining BFR with Electrical Stimulation to achieve muscle strength and hypertrophy . 
      • Utilising BFR during bike based conditioning  to achieve muscle hypertrophy and strength via aerobic exercise. 
  • How can BFR best be uses in a performance (non injured athletes)  environment by strength coaches
      • BFR as a training tool in sports with high volume and frequency of competition.
      • Iscahemic Pre-Conditioning
      • BFR for post competition recovery
  • Where are the gaps in the BFR Literature
      • Pain
      • Bone Metabolism