Dr Dustin Willis – Compassionate Care of Elite Athletes (Quantum Performance)

building rapport buy-in clinical empathy compassion imposter syndrome research unpacked Apr 30, 2024


In this Research Unpacked Episode from Inform Performance, Dr Dylan Carmody chats to Dustin Willis PT, DPT. Dustin is an Assistant Professor in the West Coast University Doctor of Physical Therapy program, where his focus is on teaching all the musculoskeletal content and injecting some of the humanities into healthcare through his Sociocultural Aspects of Human Interaction course. When he is not in the classroom, he treats patients with Quantum Performance, a private concierge service provider that focuses on helping professional athletes to perform at the highest level possible.

Topics Discussed

  • Compassion in elite sports medicine
  • Understanding clinical empathy
  • Building rapport
  • Imposter syndrome working with elite athletes

Where you can find Dustin: