Dr Andy Barr DPT (CEO & Founder of Quantum Performance)

nba quantum performance rehab return to play Apr 28, 2024


Episode 29: Andy McDonald chats to Dr Andy Barr a British Physiotherapist / Doctor of Physical Therapy. Andy is an established leader in the field of high performance and injury risk reduction with over 20 years of experience working in professional sports. He has held Director of Medicine and Performance roles with Bolton Wanderers F.C., Southampton F.C. and Manchester City F.C. in the EPL, New York Knicks in the NBA and New York City F.C. in the MLS. More recently Andy is the CEO & founder of Quantum Performance in Los Angeles providing rehab and performance solutions to elite athletes and teams. 

In this conversation with Dr Andy Barr we discuss:

  • Andy’s background
  • Transitioning from the UK to USA / EPL to the NBA
  • Working freelance and as a consultant 
  • Andy’s 4 Pillars approach to rehabilitation
  • Variety during rehab
  • Pros and cons of working independently vs in a team
  • Andy’s current and future projects

Where you can find Dr Andy Barr: