Dave Alred MBE - Skill Acquisition

acquisition golf kicking skill acquisition Apr 28, 2024


In Episode 10 I chat to Dave Alred MBE a Performance Coach specialising in performing skills under pressure. We discuss his work in both rugby and golf with high profile athletes including Jonny Wilkinson, Johnny Sexton, George Ford, Luke Donald and Francesco Molinari. Dave shares his views on coaching, skill learning and performing under pressure in the competitive arena.

In the episode with Dave Alred we chat about

  • Dave’s background in education transferring into professional rugby.
  • His first protege’s Stuart Barnes and Jonathan Webb.
  • His PHD in performing under pressure at Loughborough University through Adidas
  • The process of writing a book and how it reflects where you are now and why you do what you do
  • Body language in performance. The integration of all aspects of performance
  • How Dave approaches deconstructing the athlete, the skill or the sport
  • The value of getting athletes to write affirmation statements.
  • How Dave understands athletes psychologically
  • Going for the quick wins or wins on the periphery
  • The difference between training and practise
  • The ‘ugly zone’
  • The fear of failure in older athletes and negative avoidance
  • Embracing the ugly zone during injuries and set backs
  • The pressure principle book
  • No limits performance program / journal