Daniel Martinez (Head S&C Coach / Sports Performance Coordinator at Trinity University)

jump performance transformational coaching vbt Apr 28, 2024


In Episode 14 I chat to Daniel Martinez the Head S&C Coach and Sports Performance Coordinator at Trinity University. In this episode we discuss. Jump performance testing, jump programming, force time asymmetry verses limb asymmetry, velocity based training, generating “bad data” and focussing coaching strategy from a foundation of emotions, character and behaviour. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Daniels background
  • His interest in jumping performance
    • Developing a coaches eye before the surge of technology
    • How has the sophistication of tools improved his ability to obtain or appraise results
  • Standardising variability verses natural movement testing
  • Force time asymmetry verses limb asymmetry
  • Daniels approach improving vertical jump performance
  • Using the jump to inform injury risk potential
  • The value of zooming out and interpreting what performance tests actually indicate
  • Generating bad data – Athletes must give 100% of what they’re capable of in tests for it to be relied upon
  • Daniels auto regulation of a daily squat program using Velocity Based Training (VBT)
  • Strategising when to implement VBT for athletes
  • Starting with athletes feelings to drive behaviour
  • “Excellence Mountain”, cornerstones being enthusiasm and awareness.
  • Collecting information on how aligned we are as coaches with what matters to the athletes
  • Transformational verses Transactional Coaching
  • Where Daniel turns for his professional development