Dan Howells (Houston Astros Head S&C Coordinator)

ashtest baseball load management mlb Apr 28, 2024

Episode 25:  Andy McDonald speaks to Dan Howells the Houston Astros Head S&C Coordinator. Dan is a British S&C coach that has transitioned from the English Institute of sport, England Rugby Sevens to Major League Baseball. With these transitions in mind in this episode with Dan we discuss his move to baseball and how he structured the thought processes for developing and managing a strength & conditioning program and department. 

Andy and Dan discuss: 

  • Dans Role
  • Dans transition from Rugby to Baseball
  • How Dan developed through changing sports
    • Muti-Sport Environments
    • Relating principles of training to the athlete 
    • Individual load management – “Biological Periodisation” 
    • “Push Pull” Player load management 
  • Being perceived as a coach rather in the front office 
  • Difference of S&C provision between the UK / USA or rugby and baseball 
  • Approach to developing and managing a strength and conditioning program/dept 
  • Identifying what the team/organisation needs
  • Effecting performance remotely as a coordinator 
  • Ashtest

Were you can find Dan

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