Bradley Scanes: Formula-1 Physio (Redbull Racing / Max Verstappens Physiotherapist & Performance Coach)

cervical cervical training formula-1 motorsport neck neck training Apr 28, 2024


Episode 41: Andy McDonald chats to Performance Coach and Physiotherapist Bradley Scanes. Bradley is currently the Physio and Performance Coach for Max Verstappen at Redbull Racing through Hintsa Performance. Alongside F1 Brad is a consultant to British Gymnastics and works privately. He has enjoyed previous roles at British Basketball, Southend Football Club, the NHS and lectured at the University of Essex. In this episode with Brad he provides an interesting account of the Physio role in F1, the physical demands placed upon the neck and discusses the risk v reward of interventions before competiton.  The end of episode educational content from Vald Performance this week focusses on the Eccentric Utilization Ratio.

In this episode Andy & Brad discuss:

  • Brad’s background
  • Physical Demands of F1
  • Role of an F1 Physiotherapist
  • Drivers Neck
  • Risk v reward of treatment before performance
  • Driver data and physiological understanding