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Filippo Picinini - Quantifying Workload in On-Field Rehab after ACL...

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 Dylan Carmody

Dylan is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Performance & Sports Scientist who has experiences ranging from NCAA Division I Strength & Conditioning Coaching to Remote Athlete Physical Therapy care.

Dylan has published work in externally paced resistance training for tendinopathy and continues to pursue further research opportunities in sports rehabilitation with a keen interest in Calf Muscle Strain Injuries and Force Plate profiling.

Alistair McKenzie

Ally is a qualified Physiotherapist with a background in sport & exercise science. He is currently working in the private sector & in professional sport, whilst studying an MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine. He works daily with elite and youth athletes providing optimal support for them to thrive with the physical and psychosocial demands of elite sport. He is currently looking to complete research in the neuromuscular adaptations to training in professional football.