You've qualified clinically, you've potentially done a residency and you've maybe even completed a strength and conditioning accreditation or masters, yet you're still not confident or able to deliver effective late stage rehab - let alone improve physical performance. But why?....

The physical demands & athletic standards an athlete must achieve in elite sport far exceed the scope of traditional clinical education. Then educational options traditionally available to up-skill on strength and conditioning (where you could learn about greater athleticism) is never contextual to rehab. So there's a large knowledge gap to overcome before you can confidently provide rehab to high-performers... What can you do?...



The Strength & Conditioning for Rehab Professionals Course shares essential S&C knowledge that is contextually specific and transferable to your professional context immediately, whilst also providing you with effective frameworks to solve your own problems and deliver high performance rehab. Join us and take your rehab delivery to the next level!



The course has been written for practitioners who want to become better skilled generalists, want to have a greater effect throughout the full scope of rehab & high performance and feel confident working with high performing athletes. The course is appropriate for all levels of experience, from recent graduates through to seasoned clinicians and practitioners.




Certifications & common content is often based on methodology and whilst that’s  tempting, it becomes expensive, noisy and creates more confusion than clarity. Elite practitioners are outcome driven and that allows them to plan backwards to identify the right strategy at the right time. This course is about refining your reasoning to be efficiently prescriptive not overwhelm you with tricks.



Don’t just listen to experts presenters - Learn how they think! The expert contributors on this course don’t just tell you what they do, they explain how and why they do what they do. This allows you to model and integrate their way of thinking into own your practise



There is no longer a reason to feel intimidated or lost about how to rehab and manage physically high performing athletes. This course not only covers the physical capacities athletes need to perform, but how to test, make objective decisions and then ultimately improve those capacities or physical qualities.


Preview our In-depth curriculum that has been curated specifically to a high performance rehab context



This course has the added value of having multiple top-level practitioners contributing with extensive experience in professional sport. All the presenters have both rehab and Strength & Conditioning experience working with elite athletes and organisations.

Lead Presenter

Dr Andy McDonald

Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Andy is a Physio-Coach who has worked in both Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning domains full-time and has over 15 years' experience working with athletes. Andy has worked with teams and individuals across Football, Rugby the NBA, D1 College Football, Indycar and both Olympic & Paralympic athletes.

Andy has worked within teams, private practise, concierge and consultancy.

Through Inform Performance Andy has interviewed, talked shop and learnt from many of the top practitioners supporting elite athletes globally. This course allows him to share the key on & off-air insights from experts in a structured course.

Expert Contributor

Ben Ashworth

Physio-Coach, Consultant & Athletic Shoulder Thought Leader

Ben is a dual qualified shoulder specialist who has over 20 years of experience working with athletes as a physio and strength coach in a wide range of performance environments. During Ben's career he has enjoyed roles at EIS, Wasps Rugby, Arsenal and Sparta Prague. Ben runs Athletic Shoulder a consultancy business working with Major League Baseball teams, supporting an NFL shoulder injury taskforce and consults with teams and individuals worldwide.

Expert Contributor

Jonus Dodoo

Speed Coach & Founder of Speedworks Training 

Jonas has worked with many elite performers across a range of sports but with his main success and main role within Track and Field. Jonas is currently Consulting at Premiership and Championship Football and Rugby clubs working with their staff and first team players

Expert Contributor

Dan Howells

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Consultant & Lecturer 

Dan is a high performance coach, with over 15 years of work in elite sport. Dan has worked with Olympic and Paralympic Programmes, The US and GB Ski Teams, The English Institute of Sport, Wasps Rugby Club, England Rugby 7s, Team GB Rugby 7s (2016 and 2020) and the Houston Astros MLB Club. He is also a University Lecturer and the Founder & Head Mentor of Collaborate Sports.

Expert Contributor

Matt Jordan, PhD

Strength & Conditioning Coach & Player Health Consultant 

Dr. Matt Jordan has provided expertise to high performance organizations in the NHL, NBA, NFL, Military and has six Olympic cycles of experience. He is currently the Director of Sport Science (Strength & Power/Mountain Sports) at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSIC) and leads the Sport Science/Sport Medicine program for Alpine Canada.

Expert Contributor

Erik Meira

Sports Medicine Consultant & Educator

Dr Erik Meira is a Consultant Physical Therapist in Portland, Oregon. He is a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with extensive experience in the management of sports injuries at many different levels. Most of his focus is currently professional and elite collegiate level athletes.

Expert Contributor

Dr Scot Morrison

Physio, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Educator & Consultant

Scot is a board certified orthopaedic physical therapist and certified strength coach. He is an active member of the NSCA and APTA with peer reviewed articles published in journals sponsored by both. Scot has run a concierge private practice, consulted with various sports organizations and individual athletes and is now currently supporting the Miami Marlins Sport Science Dept.

Expert Contributor

Jesse Wright

Strength & Conditioning Coach & High Performance Consultant 

Jesse K. Wright is a high performance consultant, best-selling & award-winning author, public speaker, and founder of the Balance The Bar initiative. Jesse has worked within the NBA, NFL, NCAA & private sector. He spent 14 years with the Philadelphia 76ers as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and also as Director of Performance Science. During this time, he was named the NBA’s Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year in 2013.





Asynchronous Online Course - Begins 1st July 2024